Margot A. Clark


She is the artist that I have recently been influenced by the most. In addition to her numerous artworks, I admire her style as an artist to constantly try something new, and her cheerful, positive, and thoughtful personality.

I first met her at a convention in 2005 where she was holding a demo. I had seen her works on painting magazines before, and it was the perfect chance to see her live. Excited, I watched her demonstration in the front row. Because I was waiting there even before the it started, she gave me the artwork she created that day during the demo. I still treasure the piece of art to this day.

I gained even more interest in her techniques later on, and tried practicing myself by buying her books and packets. Then, I sent her a fan letter asking her if there were any intensive certification-like classes where I can learn Margot's techniques, and that if there were, I would like to participate in them.

After a short while, I received a letter of reply from her and learned that she was fighting against breast cancer for the 2nd time. She also told me that she was in the process of building a new stuido, and was planning to hold a special class there eventually.

In 2008, Margot, who had survived cancer for the 2nd time, contacted me about the special class AE to be eldin the new studio. I immediately told her that I'd love to take part in it. However, my beloved father passed away very suddenly right before the AE, and I was not able to attend. Throughout this difficult time, Margot sent me cards and words of solace that comforted me greatly. Not only that, she held another AE in the Fall so I could finally participate. There, I was able to learn many techniques from her.

I have taken her class a few times since then when I have had the chance, but everytime, she shows me something new, so I cannot wait to take her class again.