Donna Dewberry

Donna and me
Donna and me

When I first met her, I remember I was very surprised at how friendly and kind she was to me. In Japan, it was difficult enough to attend a lecture by such a famous teacher; having a conversation with them was impossible!

However, She was different. It may have been because Cookie had introduced me, but despite my poor english skills, she allowed me to talk to her about paint among many other things. At the end of our conversation, she let me take a picture with her and even gave me a hug!

I was able to meet her a couple of times later at conventions or when she came to georgia, but everytime she greets me with the same, friendly smile.

The fact that I was certified to be a One stroke Instructor became the trigger for me to start teaching art, not only to Japanese people but to people living here in the United States as well, so I hope to continue teaching this class in the future.