About Kight and Miho

Knight(Our Mascot)
Knight(Our Mascot)

Knight(Cocker Spaniel boy)

He serves the important role of "Mascot" at Miho Arts & Crafts.

His friendly personality is popular among the customers, and has increased "Repeaters".

In addition, he supports Miho's art activities by keeping her happy.

He was born September 16th, 2006 in Mobile, Alabama.(Presents are always welcome!!)

He is a Brain Cancer Survivor.


I was born in Yokohama, Japan.I was raised in many different parts of Japan including Nagoya, Nagano, Gifu.


In 2000, I came to Georgia with my family due to my husband's Job.

I had been enjoying painting in Japan since arund 1993, and was looking for a class when I encountered OneStroke. I quickly gained interest and took many different classes.

From there I became a OneStroke Certified Instructor and began this job. It allowed me to meet many splendid artists who influenced me to learn a wide range of art techniques inaddition to OneStroke.

In 2010 I was finally able to start my own company, Miho Arts & Crafts. Before, my main activities were focused around classes in several craft stores, but there were many requests for demonstrations, private lessons and art productions, so I thought that it was a good timing.


When I first came to the United States, I did not know anyone, and barely knew any English, but through painting I have met many wonderful people and made a countless number of great friends.

Therefore, I love painting very much and hope to continue painting as long as I can.